This then … my blog; is a photographic record of many images I have taken over the last few years. Almost all have been captured within my own garden; health dictates I am very limited on travelling with my camera; it is actually very surprising what is within a ‘stone’s throw’ of our trusty cameras.

I started this photography hobby / malarkey thing just four years ago. At that time I knew nothing! (Many will probably say I still know nothing); reading a few books and getting a basic DSLR got me going of course. Then just when I worked out how to get the camera to work I realised I needed some way of editing, other than the free editor that came with my camera.

 I went with Photoshop Elements 9. Ha! Whoever said it was a light learning curve??? With a new basic budget camera … A Canon 500D, and PSE9, off I went. I was determined not to get stuck on number one year after year! I feel I have probably moved on to number two now, and so I felt it was time to set up a basic blog to share my images. Where possible I will share both hardware and software information.

My areas of interest are currently Macro, Flowers, Bonsai, and of course not forgetting ‘All-sorts!’ This latter category will include images I have captured that have no specific title.

 I’d be delighted if you could leave me a comment … any comment. I’m currently in my fifth decade, and on my fourth year of this wonderful passion! Still so much to learn 🙂


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