One I was rather chuffed with … if I say so myself 🙂 Click on image to take this rather gorgeous lady to her full size.

 Rather than a contrived image – this one was by accident really. I’d been watering the potted plants and had been growing several species of Sempervivum; (House Leeks among other names). This particular one is quite tiny and as I went to sip on my beer, down came this cute babe. I picked up the camera which was ticking over by my side as I had been after a European Garden Spider earlier; and soI just clicked. A few seconds later she was gone!

 Hardware: Canon 500D, 100mm Macro f2.8. Manual settings. F4.0, Spot metered, 1/100 ISO 200, +1 Exposure, Auto WB, RAW.

 Software: Canon DPP, PSE9 and finally a tweak in SPE.

Lady bird WP