‘Ol Spidey!’

It seems it’s been wall to wall European Garden Spiders this year. at every turn it is a web stuck in your face or spectacles!

This particular one caught my attention on the out surface of our polycarbonate greenhouse. I’m actually pleased with the way the BG has worked … rather surprisingly considering what it is. I do realise they are probably a bit of a ‘yawn’ here on the ‘inter-web,’ and ‘gazillions’ far better than this one can be seen easily … but I’m really only a hobbiest beginner, and do need something to include within the blog site, hope someone likes it 🙂

Tripod, ball head, slide rail, manual no flash, mild crop – just to bring the sides in, little more light but not too much. ISO 1600 as it was pretty dark and I had a 12mm ex tube on with the 100mm f2.8 hence why the high ISO and a +1 exposure.

The remainder was adjusting through Canon DPP and PSE9.

If anyone could let me know what the site looks like I’d be grateful as I am aware a WP site can look quite different to those viewing.

Well .. get you hoo!