Staying With The Brrrrr Theme!

I thought I would include this one here as it is a stark reminder how deep down in the sunny UK (Somerset) we too can have some snow. It really was a cold Winter for us, and considering we never saw much snow for almost ten years, it was a pleasant surprise.

This is a corner of my own garden, and overnight it had snowed; actually heavy for us, and I woke to this with the low red sun shining through. I quickly too a picture, and just a few moments later the red had disappeared.

15-85mm 28mm used. Manual settings. Some tidying in PSE and a pinch of Photomatix tone-mapping. Taken during December 2010. It is a Monkey Puzzle at the front and a very large Cedar behind. On the left is a garden shed, and to the right of the trees is my old Bonsai Display area.

Winter 2011-RED