Early Autumn.

I’d taken a few shots of some blackberries growing wild, and wanted to see how it might work by adjusting the BG greatly without initial selecting and going down a cut n paste road.

Most of the final image was adjusted in PSE, with much dodge and burn carried out. Using a layer mask the BG was altered to be in-keeping with the subject. One of the worst issues was the berries were very slightly wet, and of course using two off camera flash units with additional back lighting, above, gave me way too much reflection going on in each berry. Dodge and burn with some airbrush work has reduce it to what I consider acceptable now. I have included the original image for comparison purposes. Original image is straight out of the camera with camera settings faithful. 

Ultimately I had just eight layers from start to finish. Hardware was Canon 500D with 50mm prime f1.8. Actual: f5.6, centre weighted, -1 exposure, iso 200, 1/30 speed, RAW only. Software as above with SPE to finish.

Oh, and thank you for the likes and follows. I’m still trying to decide if this is the theme I should stay with or change to another. 

Blackberry before editing

Blackberries with BG