Sometimes An Image Just don’t Work!

And then you look at it again and again … your finger hovers over the delete file then you hesitate to clear the bin as you lose the file forever! THIS Starling was one such image. I was going to title this one: ‘NO! I will not turn around!’

I started by saying ‘sometimes, an image just doesn’t work!’ This one doesn’t on several aspects; firstly it is a boring back image. Then the back of the head is partially out of focus and this extends partly down the neck. It was a JPEG not a RAW so any post editing had to be done very carefully so as not to wipe out any existing detail. I couldn’t sharpen either in unsharp mask or through the high-pass in the filter selections for fear of breaking down what you had.

Then you wonder if a few selections over several layers might work!? You keep going back through undo history because simply put it ends up looking awful; then from nowhere you get a break when you remember a way of making an image that does not work into one that does for the creator!

Why then does it work now? Just because of the wonderful detail that only a Starling has … and quite rightly so 🙂

Starling back final-RED