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Goodbye 2013

Well, here is my last upload to the blog for 2013. A view across the Somerset Moors last week. All processing done in Tim Burton Style, says cheerio, so long, au revoir, tschüss, adios, and shalom for now, and I’ll see you again in 2014.




“ARRRR; Tis The Pot Of Gold!”

And wouldn’t that have been nice if we could have walked on just a tad further? trouble was there was a river just in front so I’d have needed a boat!

This was on the way home from photographing the flood plains; I just pulled in and snapped a few off. Minimal processing, just a nice S curve with the rainbow masked, and a subtle play with the lighting to try to replicate how it looked in camera.

I’ve actually returned to this one as several folks have asked if they could also see the original image. So straight from camera into PSE RAW out as a JPEG with nothing done other than the change from RAW to JPEG.

Rainbow before

Tis a Rainbow RED 271213_edited-1

Lucky SIX?

Hope it is for you, wherever you may be. A pair given to me many years ago by a dear friend. They came from a casino in the States and are rather nice, well I think so anyway. Anyway, I knew I could see an image in there somewhere and here it is!

Final Dice1

Photographic Opportunities?

The UK has faced some awful weather this last week; we have fingers firmly crossed that the next few days are more moderate. I have taken a few images that are neither intended as photographic excellence, or to show any skill with a camera; they are however of interest to a wider audience than just myself … well I believe it to be so at any rate.

We can only hope things improve.

These images, starting with a before from a month ago, are of a very small area in Somerset … Curry Moor looking across to East Lyng. This is an area that suffered hugely last year! The closed road is from Athelney Bridge towards East Lyng at the A361. I drove along the closed road just three days ago.

The level of the river Tone viewed from Athelney Bridge towards Burrowbridge is exceptionally high. Further on in Burrowbridge it joins the River Parratt.

Curry Moor to East Lyng Nov 2013 Curry Moor to East Lyng Flooded dec 2013 Road closed leading to A361 Athelney to East Lyng The river over-flowing at Curry Moor Curry Moor to East Lyng Church River Tone from Athelney Bridge

Shield-Bug 2

This was another image of a friendly insect that seemed WAY too happy to pose for me. Cropping was really minimal as I was able to get close using my slide rail. This really is a far better way of obtaining an accurate focus when working so close. 

Here then is my friend; in what can only be ‘seen’ as an unusual pose 🙂 And don’t forget; click the image below to take it large! 🙂

Shield bug flipside

Methodology to an Image.

Yes, I know … sounds far too posh for a photography blog. I thought I would show in images what I did to take a picture. No doubt you will work it out without me explaining every step.

First the set up, through to the actual image. Strangely I was taking a close up of the flower when a small fly turned up

z camera 2 z camera 3 z camera 4

z Camera 1