Tis Just A Yellow Rose.

I’d wanted to try something out and this dear rose which was sat in the to go folder seemed a good choice. I never intended to include it here as it was quite frankly a poor shot. Having so said I’m fairly pleased with the outcome. On the blog, I do wonder sometimes if people like what I’m doing or not as the case may be; without any comms I’m shooting in the dark I feel. I’m not attracting many viewings yet so will have to look at some marketing I think.

The image was shot in RAW and converted through TIFF to JPEG. The smaller original was shot using standard/ faithful settings so it really is seen here without anything adjusted or added.

I’ve used a combination of a partial tone – mapping along with high filter sharpening; I have pulled out each colour and adjusted each separately, aiming for a detailed look but without any obvious HDR.

Pretty much all done in PSE9 plus a particular software programme that is just well, too darned good for what they charge. I’m still reviewing as I use it so hopefully I’ll spread the word once I’m done testing. Anyway for now the before and after! Original image first.

Original Image yellow Rose

Final Rose