Welcome in 2014!

This fella sits in the bedroom at approximately one metre tall when he stands. Clearly he only stands and walks about when we are asleep 🙂

So for my first offering of 2014 …. I give you …(drum roll)


Canon 500D armed with the 24-105L series lens at f8 1/60 tripod mount. Off camera flash and slave with diffused lights left right and overhead with just a hint of light to the rear of shot.

Processed in DPP initially, and entirely completed in PSE9. Converted from RAW to JPEG and reduced in size. Several layers with dodge and burn mostly to any reflective areas to lessen any degree of blown highlights. Works on the Histogram and seems to work to the eye on my iMac. Please do click on the image here to go large.

Completed JQ-RED 09.31