Hawkridge Reservoir II

I’ve been asked; did I take any portrait images while I was at the Hawkridge Reservoir. Well yes I did but thought the landscape versions worked better. So I’ve looked at the couple of portrait versions I had and have included the best one of several that I kept; In my opinion that is … ‘Best!’

Before I do, I wanted to say that we can all be very guilty in assuming just because this is a photography blog, everyone looking is an enthusiast of one type or another. Wrong! I have had a couple of messages just recently… apologising for asking me what might be an obvious answer. Well firstly, the only stupid question is the one that you never ask! So for anyone new to photography and perhaps maybe you have had a nice camera for Christmas I will endeavour to give very brief explanations on ‘terminology’ that I might use.

Today then I mentioned Portrait & Landscape. Literally this is holding the camera horizontal to the eye is termed ‘Landscape,’ or put another way, how you view pretty much everything you see with eyes centred and front. Portrait on the other hand is tilting your camera over ninety degrees which then is termed ‘Portrait, or think of most model, posed shots in a studio. Each has a benefit but that will only come with experimentation as to what works and what does not. And don’t for get if you are shooting ‘LARGE’ then a crop down to portrait is also possible in post editing software.

First then the Original image taken in RAW and just converted to JPEG for here. The second image is the cropped and fully processed version.

Hawkridge Portrait B4 Hawkridgefor blog