With no camera I’m checking through the deleted items to see if I can keep the ol blog ticking over. I’ll be doing an in depth review of the Canon 6D which should be arriving tomorrow 14th January.

For now then it is a case of digging out whatever seems to look reasonable. Not 100% certain this one does but hey-ho with a bit of processing, not a lot it is one I captured later last year. Don’t forget it will go large if you click on the actual image. Which incidentally will reveal a large amount of posterization; particularly on the upper left area. I’ve been finding lately than when using the Gaussian blur in selected areas, it is leaving large amounts of the posterization. One quick way round it is to use a gradient tool. Reduce the opacity to around 10-12% and use the eye dropper tool to select the colour from the area you need to work. I’m just off to see if I can improve the image.

With the flick of an eye I just have had a wee play to see if I could improve the posterization effect. To use the gradient tool first make a selection and keep the edges soft as you’ll need to do a small amount of cloning or healing afterwards. See second image.

Hover Fly 13.1.14_edited-1

Hover Fly 13.1.14gradient tool