No photos, just about eBay

I’ve been a fan of ken Rockwell for quite some time. If you’ve not visited his website you’re missing out! Ken Rockwell writes brilliantly and certainly comes over with great suggestions.

I was sat here tonight wondering why so many eejits had bidded to death a Canon 1.4x extender that I was keeping an eye on. For a long time I’ve hated eBay for the way in which it pulls people in to place bids days before the item is due to end. Now if you’re like me and you go to an auction you’ll stay quiet until the hammer is almost down. It saves you paying too much. The same applies to professional bidders on eBay; they will wait to see what the bidding price happens to be in the final seconds. eBay HATE that behaviour and do everything they can to encourage ridiculous early bidding. Remember if you bid early just to see your name in lights and you really want the item …. You’re just pushing up the bid unnecessarily, and ultimately making yourself pay more! This I have never managed to get my head around. It really is quite ridiculous.

If you spot something just save it to your own ‘My EBAY.’ Sure enough sometimes you cannot be there to bid and I imagine you’ll leave you maximum bid.

So like I started to say about the ridiculous bidding on eBay. And so I wondered if Ken Rockwell might have written anything … AND sure enough the man has. AND what an excellent read it turned out to be. Ken Rockwell must have been in my brain, as what he says regarding bidding and other eBay related issues is quite brilliant and I urge anyone to have a read and then sit back and think hard about how YOU bid on eBay!

Please DO spread the word; that way maybe just maybe, we can start bidding properly on eBay.

The link to Ken Rockwell’s article is HERE.