One From the UK Somerset Levels!

Been one heck of a time here in Somerset, the floods have been quite awful. We took a short stroll down the lane where we normally let the dogs run.

Sadly it is all water water water. This is the edge at my end. Take a drive some ten miles or more and you will reach the other side. Then again four miles wide and it really is a lot of water.

Whilst taking a walk I snapped one off that appealed to me. It should be green fields. NOT water!

Levels End 2014


No photos, just about eBay

I’ve been a fan of ken Rockwell for quite some time. If you’ve not visited his website you’re missing out! Ken Rockwell writes brilliantly and certainly comes over with great suggestions.

I was sat here tonight wondering why so many eejits had bidded to death a Canon 1.4x extender that I was keeping an eye on. For a long time I’ve hated eBay for the way in which it pulls people in to place bids days before the item is due to end. Now if you’re like me and you go to an auction you’ll stay quiet until the hammer is almost down. It saves you paying too much. The same applies to professional bidders on eBay; they will wait to see what the bidding price happens to be in the final seconds. eBay HATE that behaviour and do everything they can to encourage ridiculous early bidding. Remember if you bid early just to see your name in lights and you really want the item …. You’re just pushing up the bid unnecessarily, and ultimately making yourself pay more! This I have never managed to get my head around. It really is quite ridiculous.

If you spot something just save it to your own ‘My EBAY.’ Sure enough sometimes you cannot be there to bid and I imagine you’ll leave you maximum bid.

So like I started to say about the ridiculous bidding on eBay. And so I wondered if Ken Rockwell might have written anything … AND sure enough the man has. AND what an excellent read it turned out to be. Ken Rockwell must have been in my brain, as what he says regarding bidding and other eBay related issues is quite brilliant and I urge anyone to have a read and then sit back and think hard about how YOU bid on eBay!

Please DO spread the word; that way maybe just maybe, we can start bidding properly on eBay.

The link to Ken Rockwell’s article is HERE.

Bees Are Just Too Cute.

With rain pouring down right now and 50mph winds gusting with 70mph forecasted in the next day or two, what else do you do when you cannot get out with the camera?

So I’ve been tidying files n folders and came across a small selection of files that had been placed into the ‘too delete’ section. This one I have resurrected was originally a landscape, but with much unnecessary foliage and background. Seemed sensible to go portrait bordering on almost square. Anyway, this chap / chapess gave me no end of posed entertainment.

Portrait Bee SPE-signed

TOPAZ Light Competition!

As a self confessed bumbling amateur I often see a competition here and there, and always usually just ignore as I look at winning images and wonder why anyone other than a genius at photography bothers? This one by Topaz by way of the digital darkroom got my interest.

The winning ones are always without fail amazing! I thought ‘oh heck what the hell, i’m sure I have taken some images that feature ‘light.’

These then at 1000 pixels max are my three entries. First up is the Somerset Levels UK in the early morning rising sun. The second I call Madam.’ And the final sunrise one I call the ‘bird.’

Mozzy Jones Flood-plains


Mozzy Jones 'Madam.'


Mozzy Jones 'The bird.'

Cracking Sunrise

Rather than focus (no pun intended) on spectacular skies, I caught this one in my own back garden just after some snow had fallen.

My Wife called out as the sun came up and I swiftly ran to find my camera which if I’m honest is never really very far away from me. This particular sunrise just shouted out to be taken. And so I did.

Winter V1-RED-Blog

Canon 100mm f2.8 Non L Series

I’ve been asked and asked how I am getting on with this particular lens. Well, if you don’t tell anyone I’m kind of leaning towards thinking it is the most useable and versatile lens I own.

It was more than happy on my old Canon 500D and is equally as useable on the new Canon Full-Frame 6D i have. Truthfully I could not afford the L series with image stabilisation, so felt that this would work well for me as long as I recognised the limits of shaky hands 🙂

Today someone who reads the blog gave me a nudge by way of an email to give an example of the close up attributes of this 100mm lens. Well the truth is I didn’t do many before and afters. I did however have the one below of a small bronze mouse. At just five centimetres long (2″) I’ve included it here in from of the iMac atop a compact camera case. The after is as close as I could get (focus), and then a small crop to show part of the same image in said close-up. If I find any more I will of course add them. Remember, this was taken using the 500D; not the new 6D. Actually it might be fun to replicate using the 6D. Click the individual images to go large.

Bronze Mouse Distance

Bronze Mouse Close-Up