I thought it would be fair to say precisely what I use for my wonderful hobby. Nothing special and I feel I will stay with what I have until the Canon 7D MKII arrives. Hopefully towards the end of 2014 if the ‘Chinese Whispers’ are right! I’ll also be giving an in-depth owners review on all equipment I own.

As an edit I have now sold my complete camera outfit. Did I stay a ‘Canon Man?’ You bet I did. I could have easily sold the remaining lenses and gone Nikon or Sony even Olympus, but I started off twenty five years or so ago with a Canon AE-1 then motorised and recently (few years back) a 500D.

So my photographic journey is going to take a bit of a jump as I have gone for the Canon 6D. Quite excited actually.

 Camera Body: Canon 500D DSLR.

 Lenses. CANON:

18-55mm kit lens. I hardly ever use it now.


50mm prime lens f1.8 ‘nifty-fifty.’

100mm f2.8 non L series Macro.

24-105mm L series.

 Tripod: Vanguard Alta Pro 263AT.

 Head: Vanguard SBH-300

 Bag: Vanguard Quovio 41

 FLASH: Canon 430ex


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