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TOPAZ Light Competition!

As a self confessed bumbling amateur I often see a competition here and there, and always usually just ignore as I look at winning images and wonder why anyone other than a genius at photography bothers? This one by Topaz by way of the digital darkroom got my interest.

The winning ones are always without fail amazing! I thought ‘oh heck what the hell, i’m sure I have taken some images that feature ‘light.’

These then at 1000 pixels max are my three entries. First up is the Somerset Levels UK in the early morning rising sun. The second I call Madam.’ And the final sunrise one I call the ‘bird.’

Mozzy Jones Flood-plains


Mozzy Jones 'Madam.'


Mozzy Jones 'The bird.'


Canon 100mm f2.8 Non L Series

I’ve been asked and asked how I am getting on with this particular lens. Well, if you don’t tell anyone I’m kind of leaning towards thinking it is the most useable and versatile lens I own.

It was more than happy on my old Canon 500D and is equally as useable on the new Canon Full-Frame 6D i have. Truthfully I could not afford the L series with image stabilisation, so felt that this would work well for me as long as I recognised the limits of shaky hands 🙂

Today someone who reads the blog gave me a nudge by way of an email to give an example of the close up attributes of this 100mm lens. Well the truth is I didn’t do many before and afters. I did however have the one below of a small bronze mouse. At just five centimetres long (2″) I’ve included it here in from of the iMac atop a compact camera case. The after is as close as I could get (focus), and then a small crop to show part of the same image in said close-up. If I find any more I will of course add them. Remember, this was taken using the 500D; not the new 6D. Actually it might be fun to replicate using the 6D. Click the individual images to go large.

Bronze Mouse Distance

Bronze Mouse Close-Up

Hawkridge Reservoir II

I’ve been asked; did I take any portrait images while I was at the Hawkridge Reservoir. Well yes I did but thought the landscape versions worked better. So I’ve looked at the couple of portrait versions I had and have included the best one of several that I kept; In my opinion that is … ‘Best!’

Before I do, I wanted to say that we can all be very guilty in assuming just because this is a photography blog, everyone looking is an enthusiast of one type or another. Wrong! I have had a couple of messages just recently… apologising for asking me what might be an obvious answer. Well firstly, the only stupid question is the one that you never ask! So for anyone new to photography and perhaps maybe you have had a nice camera for Christmas I will endeavour to give very brief explanations on ‘terminology’ that I might use.

Today then I mentioned Portrait & Landscape. Literally this is holding the camera horizontal to the eye is termed ‘Landscape,’ or put another way, how you view pretty much everything you see with eyes centred and front. Portrait on the other hand is tilting your camera over ninety degrees which then is termed ‘Portrait, or think of most model, posed shots in a studio. Each has a benefit but that will only come with experimentation as to what works and what does not. And don’t for get if you are shooting ‘LARGE’ then a crop down to portrait is also possible in post editing software.

First then the Original image taken in RAW and just converted to JPEG for here. The second image is the cropped and fully processed version.

Hawkridge Portrait B4 Hawkridgefor blog

Photographic Opportunities?

The UK has faced some awful weather this last week; we have fingers firmly crossed that the next few days are more moderate. I have taken a few images that are neither intended as photographic excellence, or to show any skill with a camera; they are however of interest to a wider audience than just myself … well I believe it to be so at any rate.

We can only hope things improve.

These images, starting with a before from a month ago, are of a very small area in Somerset … Curry Moor looking across to East Lyng. This is an area that suffered hugely last year! The closed road is from Athelney Bridge towards East Lyng at the A361. I drove along the closed road just three days ago.

The level of the river Tone viewed from Athelney Bridge towards Burrowbridge is exceptionally high. Further on in Burrowbridge it joins the River Parratt.

Curry Moor to East Lyng Nov 2013 Curry Moor to East Lyng Flooded dec 2013 Road closed leading to A361 Athelney to East Lyng The river over-flowing at Curry Moor Curry Moor to East Lyng Church River Tone from Athelney Bridge


You either like it or you don’t. I’d had friends help me get to the top of Burrowbridge-Mump only to find the images I snapped were with settings in JPEG and low res 😦 Don’t ya just hate it when that happens?

Anyway, with a snap of the church bordering on 900kb in size I worked hard to go with a mild tone-mapping and other stuff.

I called this post ‘Marmite,’ because as a metaphor many like it and many don’t! Original and edited included below.

bNVlzq5 QSngNbw


That Ol Ladybird!

She really has been fun to use as a subject. I was sat trimming one of my Bonsai accent plants ,and as I put my beer down on the table, she turned – tail, and went deep inside the plant, no doubt to escape the lens! Beer down camera up … and so it went; eventually I got the snap, and a fine one at that, I know a totally modest statement with tongue firmly in cheek waiting for your incoming!. Not a great deal of post processing really; just RAW to JPEG with usual colour curve work, high pass sharpening and of course landscape to portrait.

Raw before and after included. I like the almost square eventual image. Hope you do too 🙂

LB-Original I'm OFF!

Yellow Rose V2

I had another ready to go from the ‘binner folder,’ but decided I would do something different to V1. I’m happy with the finished image. I’ve include as requested the original out of the camera base RAW image.

I had a huge amount of layers going with this particular image and did much finishing work in TIFF format. This image is based on low-def outcome rather than seeing every fibre. Ten points to anyone who can spot the ‘sitting-tenant. Any questions just say. Original image first. Click the actual image to go large.

Original image


yellow-rose-red_pe (2)