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Well after a steep learning curve I’ve taken the decision to sell my trusty Canon 500D with a Canon battery grip and four batteries. Charger and the kit 18-55mm lens is included as are all the boxes. Currently over on eBay with a few more days to run.

It really is a very under rated camera and anyone looking to move into the world of DSLR photography will certainly not be disappointed. Check out other posts with images; they have all been taken with the 500D unless otherwise stated.

I’ve mentioned the when you look through the viewfinder it looks like dust marks on the sensor BUT they are not. Apparently mine is not the first to have this niggling problem. Anyway, check it out if you fancy a bargain! I’m staying with Canon but just can’t decide on either a 7D, a 70D or a 6D. Clearly the latter means any EF-S lenses won’t be any use as the 6D is full frame.

Now do I push myself to the 6D??? Hmmm I wonder. Click HERE if you want to see my 500D on eBay. In the first image it can be seen late Summer in 2013 with a 100mm macro on with slide rail and tripod. The 100mm macro, slide rail and tripod are NOT included, the image is for reference purposes. The second image has been taken using a compact which shows it with grip and the 18-55mm lens.

z camera 3 Canon 500D