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There are plenty of good opportunities to snap a cobweb or three right now. With somewhat milder conditions and very heavy morning dews they show up really well. 

The very best condition is that fine mist or fog; if it is hanging with moisture the cobwebs really do sparkle. So here then is just a few that I took recently.

Cobweb 2 Cobweb 3 Cobweb1


Looks a Long Way Down to Me!

Two baby Starlings that took virtually no notice of me. Have no idea what the neck thing was about but it did at least come over as an amusing if not candid shot.

Taken with the EF-S 55-250mm lens on 250mm. A hugely underrated and modestly priced lens. If I go full frame I will be sad to see it go. For good blur in the BG it is a corker for still life of say plants etc. Yes a very good lens which I believe has been updated and improved further. Processing was mostly done in DPP although I struggle without the ability to create a mask when sharpening. Finished off in PSE9.

Final Starlings09.50 4:1:13

Methodology to an Image.

Yes, I know … sounds far too posh for a photography blog. I thought I would show in images what I did to take a picture. No doubt you will work it out without me explaining every step.

First the set up, through to the actual image. Strangely I was taking a close up of the flower when a small fly turned up

z camera 2 z camera 3 z camera 4

z Camera 1

Entering Photographic Competitions.


Thought people might like an update of what is going on over on on ePHOTOzine right now. Since joining this amazing site and taking the time to be part of it, I’ve taken leap after leap with regards to styles, artistic ability, types of photography et al. Well I think so anyway; I cringe slightly at some of my original uploads on the Photographic Galleries within EPZ.

I know people have their own personal favourite site but truthfully I can only speak as I find. Why not just click on the links  and check out the ePHOTOzine Christmas 2013 prizes; they are truly amazing this year. You never know you may like it so much you want to stay. I was a lurker for quite a while and took the plunge three years ago to be a paid up member which quite frankly is only a token payment; it is in my humble worth every penny, or cent!

On the 2013 prizes, this year, they total almost £17,000. Many are simply there to enter but there are also some great photographic competitions running. Check it out, you have nothing to lose. I ran in a couple of entries for the Winter comp and these two were my contribution. I know stop laughing, I did my best 🙂 The theme being winter meant I personally had no shortage of images. One is the Taunton to Bridgwater Canal at minus fourteen celsius, the other a view down my own wee garden. The canal image was so lacking in colour I decided to run with none! Both seem to show winter off to the full, but who knows what judges look for! Don’t forget, click the image to take it large.

Winter Canal B&W V2_pe Winter V1-RED

Yellow Rose V2

I had another ready to go from the ‘binner folder,’ but decided I would do something different to V1. I’m happy with the finished image. I’ve include as requested the original out of the camera base RAW image.

I had a huge amount of layers going with this particular image and did much finishing work in TIFF format. This image is based on low-def outcome rather than seeing every fibre. Ten points to anyone who can spot the ‘sitting-tenant. Any questions just say. Original image first. Click the actual image to go large.

Original image


yellow-rose-red_pe (2)



I joined this most wonderful of photography sites three years ago. I’d lurked for almost a year and eventually took the plunge to join … via a very small annual subscription. Worth every single penny in my humble opinion.

 The tens of thousands of members are testament to just how good this site is! If not for the wonderful people within … I would have probably still been trying to work out how to use the auto function.